Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sayashi Riho is Graduating from Morning Musume '15 - Thoughts

On October 29th, Japanese time, Sayashi Riho wrote the following post on her blog (translation by UP-FRONT LINK, with minor grammatical alterations made by me:)

「Thank you for your continued support towards Morning Musume。'15.

I have to make an announcement to all of you.

I, Riho Sayashi,
Will graduate from Morning Musume。 on December 31st of this year.

Since kindergarten, I wanted to take part in the group Morning Musume。 I became a member when I was 12 years old. 5 years ago, I started with Tsunku♂-san and continued until now with the support of many staff, Morning Musume。 and Hello! Project members, and more than anything, with that of the fans.

However, this year I've thought many times about if I should continue like this in my future life.
As a human alone, I started to think if there are things that I have yet to experience in order to live strongly.

I have discussed this many times with the people of the company, and I've decided to graduate after I checked the growth of the 12th generation kohai ("kohai" means "juniors" here) this year.
Concerning the day of my graduation, I had the privilege on deciding the graduation. It will be on the last day of "Morning Musume。'15" on December 31st during the Countdown Live.
Concerning the Morning Musume。 tour, the last performances will be on December 7th and 8th at Budokan.

I am really sorry for the abrupt news.
I think this is quite a surprise.
But until now, inside of me, it has worried me.
And it has led me to this decision.

From now on, I think I want to study abroad and learn more English and dance.
Then with those experiences I will mature much more, and I will try my best to come back as soon as possible.

There are 2 months left until then, but until that moment, along with all the members, I will do everything we have to do for "Morning Musume。'15".

Until December 31st, I want to run through everything with all my power so please continue to support me!

Riho Sayashi」

Wow. None of us were expecting this announcement. At all. 

Especially since it was so abrupt. Apparently, even the fellow members didn't know until we the fans did.

The announcement wasn't at a concert, and she won't even have a special graduation concert.

I've noticed, along with a bunch of other fans, that recently RihoRiho has been in a bad mental state. She just doesn't seem as happy anymore. 

But the thought that a Morning Musume member, especially the ace and center, would have such a rushed graduation is really disheartening.

In this situation, it doesn't even matter my personal opinions of Riho. This is her time, and I feel so so much for all her passionate wota. I am just putting myself in that place, if my kami-oshi Fujii Rio had decided to graduate abruptly like this.

I'm glad she'll be able to pursue the things she's always wanted to. It's understandable that she wants to grow as a person, and wants to shed being an idol in order to become a woman. 

Riho has provided us all with smiles for almost five years now. She has that trademark smirk, and absolutely works her hardest in her dancing and even singing, even if she's not the best at the latter.

No matter how much I love to see other girls, it's true no Morning Musume girl was better suited for center than Riho was. Things have changed, as the other girls have started to grow into themselves more and as Riho's major responsibilities started to grate on her, but Riho still remains a great ace.

Moving forward, I'm hoping to see backgirls shine more, but it seems that's already starting to happen, and maybe the concept of "backgirls" will become eliminated completely.

We don't know what Morning Musume '16 has in store for us, and I'm excited to see it.

I wish the gorgeous, the talented, the funny, the perverted, the amazing Sayashi Riho an outstanding rest of her life.

I can't wait to see what she does in Hello! Project after her graduation.


Now, enjoy RihoRiho's first MV with the group and 9ki's debut, "Maji Desu ka Ska!"


  1. Great post!

    During the auditions, I wanted Riho in the group for the sake of Hello! Project and Erina in the group for my own sake. I'm going to miss her weirdness and talent in the group. I think we are all going to miss her, whether we admit it or not.

    I'm gonna miss the cider, the smirk, the hentai Riho.

    1. Yes, even though I'm not a huge Riho fan, I definitely will miss her. I was so much sadder than I expected to be at the announcement.