Saturday, December 27, 2014

Calli's Top 5 Most Visually Appealing PVs of 2014

Okay, so I plan to make most of this list H!P, with one non-H!P because I can't resist. Remember, this list is in no particular order (because I suck at ordering.) Anyway, let's start!

Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe by Morning Musume

The girls look flawless. The green-screen is simply beautiful. There was a lot of aesthetic thought put into this PV, something not usually achieved by Hello! Project. It's one of the few PVs where I can actually watch the whole thing. Also, it's a nice break from Morning Musume 14's usual sound.

Akikaze no Answer by Flower

My one cheating PV on this list. Well, what can I say? Flower are at it again. Their PVs are extremely high quality, probably the highest quality in all of J-pop, and they rely on visual appeal through song, dance, and colors. Their PVs are kind of like a dream world that you wish to be in, and this PV was no exception.

Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version) by ºC-ute

I think every Hello! Project wota can agree that ºC-ute produce the best quality songs and PVs in Hello! Project.  In this PV, their outfits are amazing, the pole dancing is amazing, I love that some of it is filmed outside, and I really appreciate that they stuck to a black-gold-silver color scheme, I think it really makes the PV pop. Not to mention, the song is amazing.

Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni by Berryz Koubou

Now, this PV may be very simple, but it does not mean it stops anything short of great. The close-ups are very well-timed and I really love the shadowing in this PV. Not to mention, the song is one of Berryz Koubou's best. A+, Tsunku.

Shabadabadoo~ by Michishige Sayumi

It's funny that one of the best PVs of the year doesn't even go to a group, but anyway, this PV is great. I think it's really worthy of a Sayu graduation PV, and the special effects, though simple, really work. Plus, Sayu looks flawless!

Anyway, that concludes my list of my Top 5 (Mostly H!P) Most Visually Appealing PVs of 2014! See you soon! Calli, out! ^_^

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