Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kobushi Factory - My Saving Graces

Kobushi Factory.



You know how I thought I would stan Country Girls when they first came out? Well, I was wrong. Completely wrong. I don't really like their music and none of the members turned out captivating me except my oshi RisaRisa. Mori-senpai and Zekki are cool, but nowhere near oshi status. Chubby-chan left the group, which is fine for me since she was my least favorite. Manakacakes is talented, but not my cup of tea. As for Momoko...well, she's Momoko.

Country Girls seemed great until the music video for "Itooshikutte Gomen ne" came out. It was horrid. The only member I really like (RisaRisa) got, like, .2 seconds of screentime. The outfits were dreadful, and so was the music video period. The song was pretty good, but nothing to captivate me with. "Koi Dorobou," although having more bearable lead vocals, was still not good. So I pretty much threw the idea of stanning Country Girls out the window after their first single. Hearing their new A-side, which is extremely boring, just reconfirmed it.

Then, one night, my life changed, when I heard this:

'The girls are all so attractive, how is it humanly possible?' I thought to myself. 'The song is so good, how is it humanly possible?' I thought to myself. 

One girl in particular, though, caught my eye the most: Fujii Rio. Wow, this girl was hot. That was the moment I looked up everything about her and realized...."Hey I just met you...and this is crazy...but Fujii're at the top of my rankings." ;)

After hearing "Survivor," I listened to "Nen ni wa Nen"'s live rip once again. I had heard it before, back when the group was first announced, but listening to it again, I liked it a lot better.

With the combination of these two songs and how perfect the girls are, I officially declared Kobushi Factory my oshi group; sorry, ºC-ute! This was just reconfirmed when the official audios came out; although, since I've been a mega-fan since the beginning, (hipster, I know ;D) I bootlegged the audios before they were officially released anyway. 

The two music videos, although not really music videos, for the songs were released and I was extremely hyped, even if they weren't much. 

I was pleased to see that everyone had a solo in "Nen ni wa Nen," and it made me love the song even more. Also, it's plain to see that these girls put their all into their performance, and it makes me proud.

In addition, they're around my age group (I'm 16) so it's easier for me to relate to them. My RioRio is actually just three months older than me, and we were both born in the same year (1999.) 

Upon hearing the news that Kobushi Factory would major debut in autumn, I was ecstatic, and I still am. I can't wait to see what my oshi group brings next to the table and I'm proud to say I've supported them since debut.

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