Tuesday, November 17, 2015


So, this is my first time checking out Takoyaki Rainbow.

All I know about them is that they are a sister group of MomoClo-Z and Ebichu.

From this, I expect them to have a weird-kawaii concept, but we'll have to see.

Side note: Why is everyone already preparing for Christmas? It is more than a month away!

I'm not going to pic-spam because my computer does not have enough space, so just follow along with me! ;D

Okay, so first of all, I am digging the neon lights behind their name and the title. Very cool effect!

Already, there is an explosion of cuteness and shouting. Of course, I like the girl in the green the best even from the first look.

It's a very upbeat idol song. This PV was obviously shot with a lower budget, but it's still nice.

That Santa is creepy!

So now, the girls are on a train, sampling food in Christmas outfits. 

The girl in blue kind of reminds me of Hamachan (from Kobushi Factory)!

These girls seem very adorable, I wonder how old they are. They're probably around my age range, maybe a little younger. (Okay, so it seems they're all younger than me.)

Suddenly, they're dancing on the bus! The green girl is in front, to my delight. I must say, these girls are quite amateur dancers, but I suppose like the rest of the Stardust groups, they're supposed to have that "charmingly untalented" touch.

The girl in the yellow has a great eye smile!

Another girl also quite reminds me of Miyu from Tokyo Girls Style...maybe it is the mole...

So far, I enjoy the singing of the purple girl the most (AKA Miyu look-alike!)

This song is nothing special, but for some reason, I'm really enjoying everything about this release.

Oh dear, these girls' voices are so horrible, so horrible it's cute. XD

I will wait with you at the bus stop!

There was a softer breakdown with what seems like the better singers' vocals, then back to the fun part. I like that little touch.

Oh, now Santa's gettin' down!

Woo, now they're flying into space!


Okay, well I really enjoyed that more than I expected to! Not so much the song as the girls and PV! I think I'll follow this group from now on!

What do you think of this release? Comment below!

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