Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why Am I An Idol Fan? - Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest

Why am I an idol fan?

When life hits me with murky seas
I look at my idols for ease
I look at all their charms and grace
It puts a smile on my face
When life hits me with depression
Idols fill me with emotion
I turn on my idol playlist
And then I'm at my happiest
For, idols do so much for me
They're not normal celebrities
Listening to their happiness
Makes everything okay right then
And when I feel like life's at end
I talk to all my online friends
We bond about idols we love
Nothing compares, this feeling of
"Things are all good and it's okay"
Because of idols, I'm here today

by Calli Abisognio

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