Friday, December 25, 2015


Woo hoo!

10. ºC-ute - Gamusha LIFE

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't crazy about this song at first listen, but then I listened to the whole thing. I think this was the perfect song to celebrate ºC-ute's 10th anniversary. It's cheerful bubblegum pop with class. This song probably wouldn't have made the top 10 if it weren't for the bridge, though. It starts off soft and sweet, and then it speeds up, soon erupting with cheers. It's very tasteful. And, of course, we get great vocal delivery from the girls.

9. ANGERME - Desugita Kui wa Utarenai

Let me tell you, when ANGERME do metal, they do it RIGHT. Uozumi Yuki did the electric guitar for this song, and it's so, so badass. The girls sound so powerful. The chorus to this song is definitely a headbanger. The soft rock breakdown in the bridge is a nice change of pace, but then it starts up again, with Kana leading the way back into the melody. I have to say, Meimi, Kana, and Rikako sound the best in this song. This song really goes hard.

8. Morning Musume '15 - Oh my wish!

Oh dear, this song made me cry when I first heard it. Not only is it an amazing song, but Duu and Zukki are the centers and lead vocals! That aspect is such a nice change of pace from the Morning Musume we had before. This song is so catchy, and the electronic aspect of it really does add excitement, and works well for the song. The robotic harmonies are really amazing, as well. I love talking along to the spoken dialogues in the bridge as well!

7. Morning Musume '15 - One and Only

I must give this song major credit, because it's completely in English! Not only that, but it has one of the best damn melodies ever. It dives right into the melody as soon as the song starts. The girls' pronunciation is really great (of course, Miki's was, but the other girls did great.) This song has a slight holiday feel, in my opinion, but it's subtle. I love the electric guitar in this song. A lot of people complain about the "awkward" English lyrics, but I think they're just fine. There's not really problems with the grammar, some sentences are just a little awkwardly phrased. For me, it doesn't distract from the musical value of the song at all, though.

6. Tsubaki Factory - Seishun Manmannaka!

This song just has that classic Hello! Project feel. I was surprised when I loved it so much, because I really don't like Tsubaki Factory as a group. Then again, they sound much better in audio than live (which is expected, because in official audio, pitch and overall vocals can be corrected majorly.) I appreciate that the girls have really distinctive voices, but that's a factor in most Hello! Project groups, anyway. I just really love this song, but I can't explain it much. I always have it on repeat.

5. ANGERME - Taiki Bansei

This was it. The start of ANGERME. No more boring old S/mileage. The reborn group with such interesting music was being born, February 2015. And oh boy, did they hit the target spot-on with this song. It's so funky, groovy, and fun. You can just jam along, dance along. The chorus sounds so full, like the girls' vocals just fill it really well. The bridge is great, too. Murotan's high note is outstanding, and it really sold her as the vocalist of 3ki.

4/3. Kobushi Factory - Nen ni wa Nen [indies version] / Nen ni wa Nen [Nen'iri version]

I'm ranking them as different numbers because they're technically different, but I'll review them as the same song, because genuinely they are. This song adds so much hype, and when I heard it, I was in absolute love. Its best factor, though, is the fact that I literally never get sick of it. Whenever I hear this song, I just need to sing along. It's so rockin'! It showcases all the individual girls well, too, because each girl gets her own little individual section of the song. In the Nen'iri version, the vocals are really amped up, with more signature tongue-rolling and power in the vocals; also, a shout of "Nen!" is added in the beginning of the song. I'm in love with this song, and that will never change.

2. Morning Musume '15 - Sukatto My Heart

The funny thing about this song is that I actually didn't care for it the first couple of listens, but oh boy did that change. It has...literally...the most infectious melody I've ever heard. I really did the funky songs we got this year, and this song was no exception at all. It's a little repetitive, but in my opinion, that factor of the song makes it all the more charming. I find myself looping the hook over and over. This song knows exactly what it's doing, using words such as "paradise" to seal the melody in and create imagery that goes along with the disco tune. The group parts blend so well, and they add even more of a dance feel to the song.

And number 1 is, you guessed it...

1. ANGERME - Dondengaeshi

How can I describe a song so beautiful in words? It's absolutely epic. Kana and Rina blend GORGEOUSLY. This song is pure art. Kana's vibrato is so divine, and all the vocals in this song are executed perfectly. This song knows how to make me happy when I'm sad, and get me so pumped up. This song has the most amazing lyrics I've ever heard, probably because I can relate to them so much. The guitar and drums add that refreshing rock feel to the song. This song is truly a masterpiece, and I'll always hold it close to my heart. It's life-changing.


So that was my H!P singles ranking for 2015! Look forward to it next year, too, and I love you all! Tell me what you thought!

Goodbye and happy holidays :)

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