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EVERY H!P A-SIDE OF 2015 RANKED - PART 1 - #34 ~ #11

I'm not going to waste time here. This post will already be long enough.

34. Country Girls - Tamerai Summer Time

I'm gonna be honest here: does anyone even care for this song? If I could choose one word to describe this song, it would be: boring. Sure, the lyrics and MV are sweet, but this is mostly a musical ranking. This song has no climax, and I kind of feel bad for the girls that they had to sing such a freaking boring song. The melody kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach, it's a bit depressing...

33. ºC-ute - Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell~

Dear ºC-ute, you can do so much better than this song. I've seen you do much better than this song. Just because a song is a ballad, doesn't mean it has to be incredibly boring. Not to mention, this song is supposed to celebrate their tenure as a group, but Mai and Saki only get one line each. Even when I heard the radio rip for this song, I was so disappointed, and I remember thinking, "I really hope the other side to this single is better." Luckily, my wishes were fulfilled.

32. Morning Musume '15 - Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi

Before y'all complain your asses off, remember that this is a song ranking, not an MV ranking. As for this song, it's not horrendous, but it's not good either. It sounds like it was intended for the Platinum 9 Disc album, but the idea was scrapped because it was too much of a filler track. My favorite part of this song has to be the pre-chorus, but the rest of the song, I really don't dig.

31. Fukuda Kanon - Watashi.

It's really sad that this was Maro's official sendoff song, because every other ANGERME song from this year is better. I think the pacing of the lyrics is really odd, and the melody kind of doesn't know where it's going. The instrumental is really bland too. The dubstep thing in the pre-chorus is unfitting, too. I feel like this song is good in idol standards, but bad in H!P standards.

30. ANGERME - Mahou Tsukai Sally

This is where the songs change from "meh" to "good." That's how many solid H!P releases we've had this year, that 28/34 are at least good. This song is really addictive, you can't deny it, it's just lacking a bit in...something? Maybe it's because none of 3ki can really carry it along vocally except Murotan. I don't really have much bad things to say about this song, really, just that other songs are better.

29. Country Girls - Itooshikutte Gomen ne

Uta pity. That's the only reason this isn't ranked lower. Guilty as charged.

28. Country Girls - Koi Dorobou

Uta pity. That's the only reason this isn't ranked lower. Guilty as charged. (Also, Risa/Manaka lead vocals help...)

27. Morning Musume '15 - Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki

It's a pretty song, with beautiful vocals for the most part (except Riho shitting out her first line, I'm sorry!) This song is good at climaxing as it goes along too, which usually wins me over completely, but maybe it's the melody that doesn't sell me completely. It doesn't settle enough in my heart. I really do love the instrumental, though.

26. Morning Musume '15 - Yuugure wa Ameagari

A lot of people I know are crazy about this song, which I'm not. However, that being said, it's no doubt beautiful. Fukuhime and Sakura sound amazing in this song, just wow. I hope Duu takes Riho's lines in it once she graduates, because Duu's melodic voice would work so well with this song. I'm really not a Riho hater, I do love her, but her rough vocals don't really work well with such a peaceful song. However, she does bring a bit of drama into the song, but I think Maachan could've easily done that as well, if she had used her powerhouse voice in the song rather than her cute voice.

25. Juice=Juice - Wonderful World

Ignoring the absolutely horrendous MV, "Wonderful World" is a solid song. I know a lot of people who hate it, and I'm not exactly sure why; I never asked them. This song kind of makes me feel like I'm walking through Disneyland. It's a whimsical song. Sayuki definitely holds this song up well vocally, but all vocals in this one are top notch, even including iffy Yuka. I never thought I'd have to say this about a J=J song, but Karin...sounds...amazing...

24. Morning Musume '15 - ENDLESS SKY

Firstly, Riho sounds great in this song. (See? I'm not a Riho hater!) Honestly, I think this one should've been the primary A-side to the single, rather than "Tsumetai," however it's understandable that it wasn't because "Tsumetai" showcases Riho off more. Yet again, the pre-chorus is my favorite part of the song, it builds emotion well. I'd say, this is another whimsical song.

23. Country Girls - Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne

It kind of made me feel annoyed that I had to rank a Country Girls song in the upper half of the ranking (I'm not too fond of them), but this song is just too...interesting?...not to rank semi-high. Also, help, I think I'm starting to fall for Chii-chan...hey, she's 14, right? Only two years younger than me. It's not that creepy! She's just a charming little one. But Risahime is still my Country Girls oshi...for now! Anyway, not the point, back to the song. I really like the little dialogues, it gives the song a lot of personality, and the mini OzeChii love story, with Risa and Manaka as the onlooking peers, and Momoko as the granny jealous of the young love. I do enjoy this song.

22. ºC-ute - The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~

I keep wanting to bring up how hot and godly Chisato looks in her businesswoman outfit, but I keep having to remind myself this is a song review, NOT a PV review. OK, so about the song. Mai's vocals usually make my ears bleed, but since they're so heavily autotuned in this song, it's okay. This song is mostly ranked this high for Nakky. She sounds AMAZING. Maybe the best she's ever sounded in an A-side. This song uses its effects wisely, as well.

21. Juice=Juice - Ca va? Ca va?

Goddammit, maybe I'm biased, because I really like French culture and the language, but this song is really nice. I know the "Dabada" part sounds almost exactly like "Rottara Rottara," but I don't think that distracts from the quality of this song. This type of song complements Tomoko's wonderful vibrato-y voice really well. I also like that the line distribution is almost completely equal. Yuka sounds nice in this song, too, her voice sounds a little tougher rather than cuter, and I think tougher fits her better in a way. 

20. ºC-ute - Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!

We got "Arigatou," and we got this, on the same single. And oh boy, what a difference in musical quality. This song has that classic ºC-ute feel. This is the song ºC-ute will be begging all the thirsty wota to shout "Oi! Oi!" to while pumping their fists in concerts. Airi, Chisa, and Maimi lead this song extremely well. These rock-type songs fit Chisato especially so well, because her voice is so growly and deep. Mai and Nakky's speaking line breakdown in the bridge has to be my favorite part of the whole song, though. It adds so much hype. I love it.

19. Morning Musume '15 - Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru

This was 12ki's official introductory song. I can't really give much explanation as to why this song is so high, my heart just kind of guided me that way. I think it's mostly because this song is so damn catchy.

18. ANGERME - Nana Korobi ya Oki

If you say this song doesn't give you chills, you're lying to yourself. This song has the best vocals in S/mANGERME history, ranging from Meimi and Kananan's deep but powerful voices to Ayacho, Akari, and Murotan's sweeter but impactful vocals. This song is kind of like a musical in itself, it's like a Broadway production. Meimi definitely sounds the best though, oh dear, she is just a powerhouse. Meimi dear, once you graduate next year and perform on Broadway, perform this song!

17. Kobushi Factory - Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan

Finally, here comes the entrance of my oshi group. This song is great, but not as great as their other songs, I think. Despite that, this song is just so powerful, and does a really good job of defining them as a group. You know it's a Kobushi song when those mature, growly, tongue-rolling voices hit. I think the reason Renako and Tagucchi only got one line each was because this song was reserved for the rougher vocals, sans Hamachan, who I think was just made a lead vocal in the song because she is popular amongst wota. I love the traditional Asian influences in this song; even though they are minimalistic, they are definitely there.

16. ANGERME - Otome no Gyakushuu

This song is so haunting, so powerful, so beautiful. It sounds like something right out of the Lilium musical, haha. The operatic vocals in the first chorus (not the main one) will definitely send chills down your spine. It's a pop-rock-opera fusion, similar to "Nana Korobi," but even better. The parts where Meimi/Takechan sing the melody and Kana sings the low melody even adds more impact to the haunting theme of the song. Not to mention, the lyrics are really interesting.

15. ºC-ute - Tsugi no Kado wo Magare

This song is so gorgeous, it really is. It's the type of song that will give you so much hope when you listen to it. The vocals blend so well, the harmonies are so nice. The violin is such a nice touch. A lot of people say this song sounds like it belongs to an anime OST, but I disagree. I think it just sounds like ºC-ute being ºC-ute.

14. ANGERME - Gashin Shoutan

This song is so fun. It's Maro lead vocals, but other than her, every gets an equal amount of lines. This song is great at showcasing the strong group dynamic of ANGERME. ANGERME are a powerhouse group, but their personalities are just so fun. This song will make you wanna dance. It kind of reminds me of a Golden Era MoMusu type song. Not to mention, it's sooo catchy!

13. Morning Musume '15 - Ima Koko Kara

I think nobody except me would have this song so high in their ranking. But, I have my reasons. It starts off in a way that you think it'll be a ballad, but then... the instruments start building and building. The singing groups start getting larger and larger. You know you're in for something amazing. Then, the chorus hits and it breaks into dance. As I mentioned earlier, you all know I'm a sucker for songs that gradually build up. It adds such an excitement factor. This song executes that concept perfectly.

12. Kobushi Factory - Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta

This was the first song of the single in which there was a concert rip released. I remember hearing the rip and being really intrigued. This song is funk-rock. I think that's so interesting and unique. I also really like that there's no solo lines (unless RioRio's "Brr...Koizumi-san!" counts). A lot of people find the extreme repetition in this song irritating, but it actually makes me enjoy the song even more. The chorus is probably my favorite part, the "Koizumi-san suki suki" part. It sounds so awesome.

 11. Kobushi Factory - Survivor

If you're a fan of hard rock, I highly suggest checking out this song. It has a lot of metal influence. Back when this song only had a radio rip out, I listened and I fell in love. And at that moment, I declared Kobushi Factory my oshi group. I'd never heard such a cool song in my life. It's like...I tend to really like idols and rock mixed, hence my extreme love for Kobushi Factory and BABYMETAL. And this song is idol-rock hybrid goodness.


So, to keep y'all anxious, and because writing this was very tiring, part 2 with my top ten will be posted tomorrow. See you there ;)

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