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Hi everyone, so I stole this idea from Linzy, but I thought it would be nice to rank each of the 5 main groups in Hello! Project in terms of my bias towards them (I'm not counting Country Girls or the new Kenshyuusei group, because we don't know enough about them yet.)
So, I decided to start with the group with the most history, Morning Musume! Now, remember this ranking is of January 2015, so if my ranking changes drastically, I'll make another post about it. Anyway, LET'S STAATOOOO!

13. Makino Maria

Maria is a twelfth gen member, so I know I shouldn't be picking on her so harshly yet, but there's something about this girl I just don't like. I think it's partly her half-Western looks, partly her pre-debut popularity, and partly an inexplicable air I get when I look at her. I honestly don't believe she'll grow on me even after debut, and while I have nothing against the girl herself, she just really doesn't appeal to me. 

12. Sayashi Riho

Even though I may not be a Riho fan, that doesn't stop her from being a lovable piece of poop. Still, that doesn't save her from a shit ranking. I really don't like Riho's apparent cockiness. Apart from that, I think she has a weaker singing voice yet she gets lead vocal parts. Of course, not as weak as Ogata's, but not as strong as Sakura's or Zukki's. Maybe if Riho were a back girl, I would like her more, because honestly, I'd rather her be in that place.

11. Fukumura Mizuki

Now don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for Fukupon, but she's just so...bland to me. Everything about her is bland to me: her looks, her personality, her singing voice. Even though her singing voice is one of the stronger ones in the group, nothing about Mizuki really stands out to me like it should. This is why she has such a low ranking.

10. Sato Masaki

Yes, I do love Maachan. However, I do not love the act she puts on. She acts cute while putting on an eerily high-pitched singing voice, and I know it's just not her. I'm not sure if it's Tsunku forcing her to do that, or if it's Maachan's personal choice, but I'm just really not a fan of it. She does have a strong and stable voice, though, and I wish her abilities were utilized more in the group.

9. Ogata Haruna

Ogata is a funny girl with a lot of personality. This was proven through her old Twitter account. Yet she also knows how to keep her cool, which I like. I also think she has a mysterious and unique look, and she's just overall likable. The reason she's not higher on this list is simply because there are girls I like better, also she really cannot sing. Maybe her rank will move up when 12th gen debuts.

8. Oda Sakura

Oda is a natural beauty, I think. She also reminds me a lot of myself for some reason, with her reserved and serious nature. Her singing voice carries the group along vocally, in my opinion. Something I really love about her singing voice is that it can either be low and powerful or high and sweet, and they both seem 100% natural. This girl is underappreciated, I think.

7. Suzuki Kanon

This girl is full of personality. She's funny, sweet, caring, and humble. She has amazing and underutilized vocals. I don't think she realizes how truly amazing she is. I think my favorite thing about Zukki, though, is the body positivity she promotes. She makes curvy girls around the world know that they can be beautiful too. The reason she's not higher? Again, I'm just more biased towards other girls.

6. Haga Akane

No doubt the prettiest of the 12th gen members, Haga automatically draws me to her. I like her maturity for her age, for she is only twelve, but acts and looks like a much older girl. At times, her face reminds me of Sayu, and I think that's cute. At first, I was skeptical of Tsunku's reason for choosing her, but now I see that she's a great addition to the group.

5. Ishida Ayumi

Daishi is fabulous, I think. She always radiates a lot in PVs, and although she may not be the most talented in the group, she definitely brings a sass and presence that I really appreciate. I think as she grows older, she just becomes more and more beautiful, and I look forward to seeing what she will do in the future. She is also a great rapper!

4. Ikuta Erina

Eripon is really something special, I think. It's a shame because she's so underappreciated. She's not a great singer, but she has a really interesting face plus she's a decent dancer and rapper. I think Eripon has a really realistic personality, and like Zukki, I think she's relatable. For example, she fangirls over Gaki just like us fans and wotas would fangirl over idols, too. She doesn't seem fake and that's something I really appreciate about her.

3. Nonaka Miki

Miki is just a little ball of cuteness, isn't she? For one, she's a great singer. She's also super irresistible, I just wanna hug her! Also, her English skills are a very nice addition to the group. Something about Miki just pulls me in, and I warmed up to her instantly, unlike the other 12th gen members. I'm so looking forward to her debut in the group!

2. Kudo Haruka

What can I say? Kudo Haruka is just...beautiful. I mean, just look at her! She's really growing into a beautiful young woman. I love her ikemen style so much, and I think it fits her very well! She's extremely charming, and she has a refreshing singing voice. I wish she received more lines, but it seems like that's gonna happen soon!

Aaaand....number one.....

1. Iikubo Haruna

I think if I had one word to describe Harunan, it would be...alluring. That's exactly what she is, attractive in a unique/mysterious way. With her tan skin, naturally lined eyes, and teethy smile, she's a charmer. Also, I love her sense of style and think it's really hot. Her singing voice has got to be my favorite part, though. It's deep and sexy, but can also be cheerful, and it always cheers me up. I love you, Harunan!


So everyone, that was my Morning Musume '15 ranking. Stay tuned to see my other group's rankings, and tell me in the comments what your Morning Musume ranking is! Calli, out!

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